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Starting School again......Got 6 Years!


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Hi all.

Im excited, im going back to school to study teaching. Im 20 years old and im stuck in the the house 24/7 , i fear work, i fear life. I was thinking a few weeks back, what job can i do that would not stress me out, pay a good income and do things for other people, and i thought BINGO! teaching. When i was 15 i looked up to my english teacher, i really like him and liked the way he taught people, he wasnt mean and angry, he was that kind he gave people lunch money if they had non, i always wanted to be like him. I LOVE english litrature, and scince i was 15 teaching has been something ive always considered.

I got of my bum on monday and went to the open day......on my own.......on the bus, that was a great achivment at that. They enrolled me on the 6 year course!!!!! i was like WOWOWOWOWOW!

Im going to struggle on days, the days when i wake up and can hardley moove myself, but i got a feeling this is going to greatly boost my self esteem. The only thing i fear is the sudden burst of storms whilst in colledge. As many of you know, you can be fine 1 second, the next your all over the place. I think for this im going to need ALOT of water.

Id love to hear some testomonies of your colledge days, do you attend now and how you coping?

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Hi! I spent 5 years doing English literature at St Andrews in Scotland, but you know all that anyway from our earlier chats. It's not easy to study with POTS as a constant 'companion', but if you want it badly enough, you will succeed!

I typed my last essay whilst bed ridden in a cardia care unit- my parents brought my lap top in. I was determined that this piece of work would not stop me grqaduating, and I got a first- an 18/20 for it!

Good luck, and I'm dead chuffed you applied- I rememberd you said you were thinking about it. Keep us all posted on hoew it goes;) :ph34r:

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Hey Persephone,

Sorry bout the long reply. Yeah im finally on it, start monday. Im determined to do it! Went out today and got some colledge stuff. Im in need of a laptop, might swap my PC for one, that way i can do stuff whilst in bed or sitting comfortably in a chair, rather then on this PC Chair.

I havnt spoken to you for some time. If you can log into MSN and have a chat.

Regards and wish you well.

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