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Louise, aka cnm1


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Hi Louise,

I can't get into the pediatric network for the life of me to get some information, so hopefully you'll see this. We're going to the BVR tomorrow morning, Fri., and I just wanted to get any last minute suggestions. I remember you saying that we are going there for securing a job for Chrissy. I just don't want to say the wrong thing.

Thanks, Patti

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Hi Patti

I have coped part of my post from the PN.

The goal "rehabilitation and vocational services with the goal of employment" When we went to BVR, we brought all her medical records. After a group session where they emphasized that the goal is to get people working , we met with a counseler. We presented the documentation and explained that Rachel needs a college level education. She may never be able to work fulltime but with a professional degree she could still support herself even if she could only work part-time. We got approved on the spot - thought there is a waiting list of 3-6 months for services to actually start. These are not scholarships - but "plans for work".

When you call they will again say - do you understand this is for "vocational rehabilitation". YES you do!!!! The goal is to get Chrissy working and independent.


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