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Medicaid application was denied

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I have POTS/NCS, and i've been unable to work, so my doctors advised me to apply for medicaid and disability. Well i got a letter from medicaid yesterday and said my claim has been denied. I know i've got to file an appeal and possibly get some legal help, but i'm really confused at this point. Has anyone else have trouble with getting medicaid approve? If you have what did you do? If you have any suggestions or advice, it would help alot.

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Medicaid denial... Standard Operating procedure!! They usually deny on the first (and a lot of times on the second) application. Depends on the state where you are.

Missouri right now - they have kicked ALL of us disabled people off Medicaid.

Appeal, appeal, appeal! Do you have a SSDI lawyer? Sometimes they will help with your appeal.

So sorry you are having to begin this process - I think it is damaging for us to have to deal with all the c**p we have to go through just trying to deal with the beaurucracy!

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Sorry to hear about your denial for Medicaid. From what I hear this is quite common the first time you apply. I am also in the process of applying. It's all so confusing and frustrating!!

Hang in here!!


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