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Power Wheelchair vs. Scooter


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Hi, I hope everyone is doing okay. I was wondering for those of you who have an power wheelchair or a scooter how you like it. I am trying to decide which one would work best for me and I know everyone is different but I am just curious as to your opinions and stories. I need something so I can go to back to school this fall but I just cannot decide which would be better. I think the scooter would be easier to transport but I am just not sure.... :) So any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated!

Thanks and I hope you all had a great weekend!

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Hi! I'm in the middle of this search/decision as well.

I found a foldable power wheelchair that I thought was the best option for me.....it is small enough to have great mobility inside (often, the scooters don't have good turning radius which can be an issue inside). It's easily folded up like a wheelchair which makes transport much easier.

Do you have insurance? If so, check to see what their policy is. Medicare has just changed their criteria for wheelchair benefits. Sometimes, insurance doesn't pay for the scooters (they aren't concerned if you can get outside....they sometimes only want to pay if you need the device to aid you in activities of daily living INSIDE your home ---bathing, dressing, eating, toiletry, grooming).

Let me know if you want more info.

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A foldable power wheelchair is an interesting idea. I have private insurance so it will be a little easier to get it approved. But is is such a hard decision isn't it? The dealer is coming to my house with a power wheelchair and a scooter for me to try out today. I like the idea of the scooter since (and this kinda a vain reason...) people who see me know I can walk. It would also be easier to transport b/c I can get a lift. The power wheelchairs are heavier so its harder but the dealer says it may be better because I would not have to worry about balance issues on bad days.....It is a tough decision.....

Does anyone with a scooter have issues with keeping their arms out infront of them?

Anyone have any regrets with their decison or advise?



Alicia, 19 Seattle WA

POTS (autoimmune), Crohn's Disease, Hypothyriodism (Hashimoto's), JHS

Midodrine, mestinon, synthroid, salt, LIQUIDS, compression stockings

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I have had an electric wheelchair and now have a scooter. The scooter wins hands down. I love it. The electric wheelchair required a special lift that I only had on one car, so using it with others was impossible. The scooter is faster and easier for me to handle and I can fold it down and with help put it in the back of an SUV or trunk. I have used it to go up the street to the store and just love it. Hope this helps you out. It has really been a God-send for me. :( Cathy

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