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Arnold Chiari Malformation Friends

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I don't quite have the chiari malformation, but am borderline... so they call it "cervical stenosis" for me.

I have a friend (met on a list-serv, she lives in PA) who has the chiari malformation, though. She had brain surgery to correct it (Dr Weingert at Hopkins did her surgery). So I am familiar with her experiences, and have had similar problems b/c of the narrowing of my spine in that area.

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Rachel and Emily: Thank you for the replies. I have some cervical stenosis as well. Yeah the symptoms are smiliar.

Steph: I hear yeh. Lots of rare disorders here too.

Julia: Nnnn???

I saw a post earlier, but now it's deleted, about someone who saw, Dr. Bolognese. That's who did my surgery.


(who needs to work on making her signature. :) hehe)

Boston, MA

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