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POTS and possible autoimmune condition?


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I’ve had POTS for roughly 15 months now, greatly improved with salt and exercise thankfully.  I am wondering if i have another condition on top of it, perhaps autoimmune. 

I hadn’t been sick with anything since jan 2020, till September of 2022. Caught a random virus from a friend, a month later i got covid, then on christmas came down with pneumonia (mild case). While on antibiotics i developed white spots *in* my tonsils, which were swollen, and they have persisted since. And a rash developed in the jaw lymph node area.  Negative for strep, EBV, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes. Tried another round of antibiotics, stronger ones and prednisone, swelling came down some, white spots are still there but greatly reduced.  All bloodwork was initially normal in january, then a month later white blood cells were low. Went from a solid 7 to a 2.3. 

wondering if something autoimmune is going on since i usually am not sick this frequently. I occasionally do get flushed cheeks, today it looks somewhat like the lupus butterfly rash. 

i’ve heard there are correlations between pots and lupus or other conditions. 

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