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Interesting tv program

Sarah Tee

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I saw this BBC program a while ago on Australian tv and was very impressed by the doctors involved and touched by the patient stories. At the same time it made me feel sad and angry because the care the average person receives is so far below what is shown.

Someone has put it up on the website Dailymotion (a more basic version of YouTube). If you go to the website and search "diagnosis detective se1", four episodes will come up. (Only one series was made.)

It is presented by Michael Mosley, but don't be put off by that. It is a much higher standard than his other programs and he only plays a minor part in the stories. The focus is on the patients and specialists.

Without giving anything away, several of the patients are investigated for or end up having dysautonomia issues. You may also spot some of the other diagnoses before they are revealed in the program.

It is a little sad, but most of the people get a resolution of some sort.

Edit: Realised I forgot to say what it’s called – “The Diagnosis Detectives”.

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You are right on about quality and access to care! I’m prepping for an appointment tomorrow in NYC. Have to drive 10+ hours to access adequate care. Good grief!

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