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COVID19 Vaccination and New POTS/Dysautonomia Diagnoses


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Hi all -- Wanted to share this new article released in Nature Cardiovascular Research.


So, if you feel that your symptoms increased after vaccination, or were brought to surface after vaccination, you are not alone. The numbers and odds ratios look convincing, but there needs to be additional analyses in other populations to confirm the association. If these findings are replicated, hopefully this will spur research into the mechanism underlying the association.

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Thank you for sharing.  

I agree more research is needed. 

It does say 

" Notwithstanding the probable low incidence of POTS after COVID-19 vaccination, particularly when compared to SARS-Cov-2 post-infection odds, which were five times higher,"

This article may be helpful too:



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@JennKay  Thank you so much for sharing the study.

One of DINET's Medical Advisors, who has done extensive research into post-POTS and vaccination wrote this article with associates in response to the latest study.  It is worth a read.


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