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Such scary sudden tremors!!

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Tremors - my relative is always shaky, but suffered the most scary event lately - being woken up in the early hours by out of the blue severe whole body tremors!

Dryest ever mouth too - lips stuck fast to teeth! Anyone else? Is that from the norepinephrine?! 

Do these horrific events happen in all PoTS or are they most prevalent in H PoTS? 

Sys BP was 156! HR very tachycardic, but can't recall that or dia BP (usually significantly too high anyway though), due to the distress of it all!  

Medical call handler dismissed it as a fever! It wasn't - no temp (colder than should be as always) - things are in such a state! Seemed very different to rigors. Nobody to help us to hospital, but the onslaught of that would have made situation even more scary and distressing! 


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Tremors are a symptom for some patients.  I have experienced this when my symptoms were severe in the past.  There are a lot of past discussions on the topic.  Here is one.  You can search the forum to find many others.

Full body tremors and cocyx pain. Is this POTS? - Dysautonomia Discussion - Dysautonomia Information Network (DINET)


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