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Wareagle? You okay after hurricane?

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I was watching the news and the destruction tonight on tv and I couldn't stop thinking about you b/c I know you are somewhere in Alabama on the coast...I am just soooo worried about you. All I can think about is how you talk about how beautiful it is there...and to watch the destruction now is so heart-wrenching.

Please, please let us know if you are okay...and anyone else who is in the areas hardest hit, please check in with us here on the board.

Thinking about you soooo much tonight Wareagle...


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Emily..thank's sooo much for thinking of me and all the others down here on the coast!! :blink:

I am fine..Mom and I (and our dogs) evacuated to north AL on Sunday..we got back today and everything is fine. Here in Orange Beach/Gulf Shores we were very lucky and had only minimal damage.

The rest of my family may not be so fortunate...they are all alive and well which is the most important thing right now..but I don't think they are going to have homes left. :) My dad lives in Pascagoula, MS and there's not much left there..my Grandma and Uncle live in New Orleans..and another uncle in Slidell, LA...I've just now really been able to relax and watch CNN and our local news..the pictures and reports they are giving are heart breaking.

My prayers go out to all of those effected by this tragedy...

Thanks againg for checking on me Em..it's good to be back at home!!

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I am soooo relieved to hear your news. You indeed were very fortunate to have everything still in tact when you returned! I am grateful you know that all of the rest of your family is alive, but sad that they may face loss of homes...I cannot imagine losing my home. Especially since I'm homebound! Eeeek! Thanks for checking in!


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wareagle -

i'm so glad to hear that you & your family are all okay.

i find myself thinking of people having to evacuate, left without homes, or even "just" without water/electric for extended periods in a different way b/c of my awareness of health issues...like i know that no matter how hard the situations are on so many, the are so many more times harder - or even dangerous - for those with any of a number of health problems. i can't imagine.

i'm so thankful for your safety & your extended family will definitely be in my thoughts & prayers. thanks for checking in with us...


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