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Extreme leg weakness

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My Dysautonomia was diagnosed last year after a bad bout with Covid in February, though I'm sure I already had it. The symptoms just became more pronounced. I have POTS-Orthostatic Hypertension. My question is about extreme leg weakness. I am day 10 getting over my second Covid infection and really hadn't had a bad case--just sinus and chest congestion, low grade fever that only lasted a few hours. I felt really bad for 12 hours and then felt better. However, being an asthmatic, my lungs were unhappy and I had some tightness so I had an xray and was given 40 mg/prednisone for inflammation. I did not have pneumonia. I took the 40, it tore up my stomach, I took 30 mg day 2 and 3. I was supposed to take 40 for 5 days and discontinue. Day 3, a couple hours later, I noticed weakness in my calves. Within a few hours it had expanded up to the glutes. When I lie down, I don't notice it though I did have a small amount of cramping around my ankles last night. When I sit, I notice it a little, but when I stand, the heaviness is very noticeable especially in the thighs. This isn't a symptom I've had before. My typical flares include right sided weakness, high BP, tachycardia, adrenalin surges, dizziness. Anyone experienced this especially after an infection? Any thoughts on what's going on potentially? Is it from inflammation? The strange this is prednisone should have decreased the inflammation. 



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Have you talked to your doctor?  With any new symptom that would be the best course of action.

Weakness can be a symptom of dysautonomia in my personal experience, but with everything else you have going on--getting over an infection, taking a new medication, it would be very important to contact your physician.

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