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Hey everyone!


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Hi everybody. its been SO long since ive posted i just wanted to re-introduce myself. My name is Sara, and im 16. I live in Maryland (where MD, DE, and PA all meet) I have POTS, NCS, OI, and SVT, but ive been doing amazingly well this summer. I dont post that often because im active on another forum, but i dont forget to read all youre posts all the time. plus my mom can always fill me in, i know her as mom (and my best friend), but you guys know her as Sallyann. I hope everyones doing as well as they possibly can, and i look forward to talking to you all later!

;) Sara

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hi sara -

it's great to meet you (as i don't think i was around when you were previously). i just moved from baltimore, md so was your neighbor for a good long while without even knowing it B)

i'm 25 with various varieties of dysautonomia (Neuropathy, OI/POTS, NCS, gastroparesis, etc....) and now live in cleveland, ohio. i haven't been able to work (or do much of anything else) since last november but am giving grad school a go starting this week (with lots of assistance) so am keeping my fingers crossed.

it's great to hear that you've been having such a good summer health-wise. particularly impressive with how hot it's been! i hope you continue to do well. while we do know you a bit via your mom, it's great to hear from you too!

thanks for saying hi!

;) melissa

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