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Dental Work and Antibiotics?

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Two weeks ago my husband had some deep cleaning done on his teeth and the next day he had a red rash on each cheek and felt generally lousy (flu like). We had some left over antibiotics so I had him take a couple and the rash cleared up in about 2 days and he felt great. Last week he had the other 1/2 of his teeth cleaned and the same thing happened - rash, lousy feeling, antibiotics. I know that dental work can introduce a lot of bacteria into the system and that people with compromised immune systems and/or heart disease frequently take antibiotics prior to their visit. The dentist will prescribe it for him, I just wondered if anyone else has had this experience (especially the rash, non-itchy just red).

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Those of us with mitral valve prolapse have to take antibiotics prior to dental work including cleanings. Based on my history I have to take a megadose ( I have a heart cath). There is definitely a link to the bacteria in your mouth and infections. My dental hygenist explained how important it is for those of us with heart problems to take meticulous care of our gums. All that bad bacteria (gingivitis, etc.) goes into your bloodstream and onto your heart. I thought of my teeth as being my least significant issue until she emphasized this to me.


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