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dose of beta blockers


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if you usually take 25 mg atenolol and are switching to a different beta, how can you tell what dose of that one will be equal to the dose of the one you were taking before? i dont want to take too much but i dont want to take too little since then i will end up having too many symptoms, like cardevilol, it comes in much smaller doses, but my doc and i dont know what to start with, i dont think 25 of atenolol would be same as taking 25mg of another beta blocker, thanks for any advice


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Hi Radha,

There is a book for doctors and pharmacist that list all the medications, the activie ingredient, the side effects, the dosage, etc. Your doctor could look in the book and check the starting dosage for both medications. This way he could have an idea of comparison.

Here in Canada the book is called CPM. It is about 4 inches thick and blue. All the doctors have one in their office. Maybe you have an equivalent.


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