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trouble breathing


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I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I frequently have trouble breathing. I can exhale just fine but when I try to inhale I have trouble, like my lungs refuse to expand. I usually work it out after a few minutes, but one time I couldn't seem to get through it. Luckily(?) there was an emergency vehicle nearby and they measured the oxygen in my blood (99 out of 100) they couldn't hear anything wrong and said I was panicing. I know the normal tests always come out negative, but its had to believe you can experience trouble breathing and no one knows why. I know my body is just sending mixed signals or something, but its scary knowing no one can help you in that situation. It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't experienced it. I usually say its like a yawn that won't come out and your body keeps trying til it gets it out. Cause I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced that. Anyway any suggestions are appreciated. Chrissy

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I have exactly the same experience, and no it's not caused by panic, although after a while struggling to breathe does cause a reasonable amount of anxiety (and sets off my POTS symptoms as well). It used to be infrequent and mild, but lately (10 years later) it is much more extreme, sometimes lasting for days. I'm being evaluated for a neuromuscular issue. I am told that in some conditions, pulse oxygen will be normal for a while, because you are getting oxygen, just working hard to get it. A few minutes of feeling like you have to force air into your lungs is unlikely to send your pulse oxygen down. But it's real scary.

A lot of people have shortness of breath with dysautonomia, but to be sure it's a good idea to discuss it with your neuro, and see a competant pulmonologist.

Hope this was helpful, often you have to just trust your gut, if you're not comfortable with a medical professional's take on a situation, it's your right to seek further.

Good luck!


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