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EDS on CSI!!


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i'm watching CSI-NY right now (a repeat) and they're talking about EDS! and are actually giving accurate info...it's about this guy, a contortionist with a circus...who they find dead in a little box and they just figured out how he was able to get into the box while still alive...you guessed it

i don't mean to be morbid, but it's CSI...they were showing the characteristics of this skin & joints and all on the autopsy table.

cool, eh? awhile ago there was a CSI (original version) that mentioned NCS but i don't remember the storyline & have since tried to find it to no avail...does anyone else remember this? i always get such a rise out of this stuff...i guess b/c it's always so unexpected....


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Guest Julia59


I saw that last night! I was actually on the phone with poohbear----and got side tracked. I told her there was a guy folded up into a box---it was freakey!

I can fold up too!----Not quite to that extent, but I used to do it all the time as a child and young adult (the EDS no doubt). I could still do it if my upper back didn't hurt so bad, but just putting my legs up behind my back puts pressure on my back. Someone would have to hold it back there------------------ :D.

I didn't hear what they talked about because I had the sound turned down, but I couldn't avoid seeing that.

Take care,

Julie :0)

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