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trental or pentoxifylline


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have any of you tried trental and for what reason? and how did it help? does it lower or increase bp? i am thinking maybe it would help me to improve blood flow and make it easier pump the blood especially when i eat , and it feels like the blood is struggling to flow, thanks for any input and thanks again to all of you for caring so much


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i don't have any first-hand knowledge of this med, but here's a link to it's full prescribing information:


i see where your thinking is in regard to it improving circulation but it seems like it has more to do with the consistancy of the blood itself rather than the mechanism of circulating itself. and while hypotension isn't listed as a common side-effect, dizziness is. but of course everyone reacts to things differently. i don't see what harm it would do to discuss this with your doc.

i commend your thinking out of the box! definitely let us know if you try it & have any luck...


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