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Agent that constricts veins but not arteries... (& it's not compression socks)

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I have normal to high BP and a diagnosis of H-EDS so it is possible that upright venous pooling is a contributor to my OI. I don't buy that it is the sole cause as poor collagen is lifelong whereas POTS onset for me was instantaneous, however I cannot dismiss the venous pooling theory outright. 

I have long wished I could find something that would selectively work to constrict just veins, unlike midodrine which sent my BP rocketing and reflexively decreased my heart rate below 40. I wear the class 2 tights, but they are not highly effective. 

Well today I came across MPFF.

 I figured I'd give it a go! The brand I bought is called Venalex but it is sold under different names around the world. 

Anyone tried this? I did once get some Butcher's Broom but quickly ditched it after several days of no benefit and the discovery that it had diuretic properties. 

B x

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Thanks for the update and really sorry to hear it was useless. Might still give it a try with my daughter. If you learn anything around here it's how differently we each react to stuff.   Hoping to find something gentler like this before resorting to midodrine. She's currently on horsechestnut, licorice, salt and water (of course!) and ivabradine. Doesn't seem to be enough though. 


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