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Position and heart rate

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Has anyone else noticed that their heart rate is influenced by how they are laying in the bed?  Maybe I watching my HR too closely now, but since I've been post-partum, when I lie on my left side, my HR drops 8-10pts lower than it does when I lie on my right side.   Does this happen to anyone else and what is the reason why?  

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Somewhere in my memory of anatomy I seem to recall that it has to do with the position of the major blood vessels going to and from the different heart chambers and that is is quite normal. If my memory serves...hope that helps


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I can't lie on my left side as it makes me feel very unwell, plus I have pelvic adhesions that side and a bent spine. 

Yes lying on the left side shifts stomach gas and moves bowel movements along. 

Congrats on the baby x

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