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2100 norepinephrine level


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Guest KiminOrlando

Hmmmm...... I bet it is the lunesta because I believe that works on the neurotransmitters. Maybe someone way smarter than me can research that. Do you have a neurologist you could ask? I doubt anybody else would know. 

It could just be a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, but I would hate to see them give you that as the default answer because it wasn't researched.

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Is your 2100 NE level the standing result from a supine /standing catacholamine test ? My results were 1236 supine and 2922 standing. The results were not influenced by any meds I was taking. I was told I had a hyperadrenergic response to standing. My b/p is high on ttt but labile as a general rule. Do you have a significant tremor when upright ? My initial diagnosis was neuropathic pots with a hyperadrenergic component. As time went on that diagnosis morphed into AAN. In my case the elevated b/p and NE level are compensatory mechanisms so salt ( 8 grams ) and 2.5 liters of fluid were recommended in addition to Clonidine and Mestinon. I have also benefited from an abdominal binder and compression hose which sadly I had to stop wearing as they resulted in burning skin. Because we are all so different with regard to diagnoses, possible reasons for abnormal test results and treatment recommendations your own doc should be the one interpreting your test results and making treatment recommendations. I hope you find the answers you need.

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I also take salt and extra water, because my high NE seems to be a response to blood pooling and low blood volume.  I think that the advice against salt and water for hyperandrenergic POTS is for cases where the high NE is primary, and not compensation for other malfunctions.

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