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New exercise gizmo


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I bought a FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical trainer for my office.  Often when I am feeling POTSy some exercise will help me feel better, but if I'm at work I don't want to take a gym break.  So I got this and assembled it today.  I am pleased to report that it is very quiet and my knees do not hit the underside of my desk (I'm 5' 8" tall).  It sticks out in front of my desk, but I have a one-desk office so I don't care.  It has 8 levels of resistance, and the lowest level is challenging enough for now.  I don't think I'll max it out any time soon.  As for POTS therapy, I am more likely to do this than to get on the bike at home with 3 cats asking for food and petting.  It remains to be seen if I stick with it, but this is making cardio with resistance exercise too convenient to put off.  Anyone else have interesting exercise devices?



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