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Dysautonomia and uncontrolled vomiting... HELP

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Megans dad    0

My daughter is 14 and has been dx as having dysautonomia, and gastroparesis (not so sure of that dx).  For a year now she has vomited everything taken by mouth... EVERYTHING, no flare ups or good days. She is on a g-j tube, and recently she has been throwing up (appears to be stomach acids) even without eating. All Dr.s we have been to are currently stumped and basically give up. We are not ready to give up. They have tried a gastric emptying test 3 times now and she cant keep it down to even start the test. Please, PLEASE if anyone has had any input, please help. Anyone out there been in similar circumstances?


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Christy_D    0

While my son did not throw up non-stop (but was diagnosed with cyclic vomiting), he does have POTS and mostly GI issues.  Dr Gisela Chelimsky in Wisconsin is a pediatric GI dr who is well versed in dysautonomia.  Her husband is a neurologist who is also well versed with POTS.  My son had seen both of them when he was first diagnosed.  She was the nicest most caring doctor we have ever seen.  We had to travel far to see them, but well worth it.

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