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Strep Throat

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I caught a bad case of strep throat and my doc prescribed some antibiotics for me just wondering if anybody had problems taking these with their dysautonomia (POTS for me).



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generally speaking i have not had problems with antibiotics. i had a reaction to one once but it didn't have anything to do with my autonomic issues. sometimes i have a bit of GI upset but nothing prohibative or too bad.

for the most part the greater problems with POTS, NCS, etc. will come from the being sick itself. this tends to be a major trigger for me & many (if not all) others. so generally - barring any bad luck with the antibiotic itself - treating what needs to be treated will get you headed in a much better direction. hydration is also something really important to stay on top of with any infection...true for anyone but more so for those with underlying issues already.

hope you're feeling better soon!


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