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Autonomic Neuropathy (worries)


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Hi all.  I am having some anxiety surrounding my autonomic dysfunction.  After all of my tests, my diagnosis is autonomic neuropathy secondary to medical treatment.  Also known as "iatrogenic".  It's very rare.  I have type 1 Bipolar Disorder and from all the medicine I've taken, I have developed nerve damage.  It can happen in some cancer patients as well.  I met with my neurologist after all of my tests have been completed, I've been very busy as of late going from specialist to specialist, and my neuro examined all of my results.  Bottom line, my neuropathy has no known cure.  I messaged my neuro asking her about prognosis and what I can expect in the future.  Makes me a little nervous.  I should get her answer within the next couple days.  I have anxiety as well and my mind is running 90mph playing out "what-if's".  I know I shouldn't do this as I don't even know what I'm dealing with.  So worrying doesn't solve anything.  I try to stay off Dr. Google as that does not help either!  I guess I'm just looking for a way to vent my concern.  

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Guest KiminOrlando

I am very sorry to hear this, Don. I was hoping they would be able to figure something out for you. Is the damage going to continue to get worse or is it as bad as it is going to get? Are you off the meds that caused the damage or is that not an option?

My cousin is bipolar. I don't know much about the different types, but there must be several because I have a friend that somehow manages her's with diet and a specific exercise schedule. She has two kids and manages to work part time. She must have a milder version.

My cousin, not so lucky. She won't / can't stay on the medication, and she stays on the manic side frequently. We don't know where she lives. We know generally, but couldn't find her if we needed to. She pops up on social media randomly when she has internet access, but that isn't her priority. She doesn't want help, and that has been a hard lesson for the rest of us. Her father had a heart attack recently and she didn't find out about it until he was out of danger and home from the hospital. I think that hit her pretty hard.

That disease is a brutal one. They say it is the only one that your body actually plots against you. I'm very sorry you are suffering through it.

Take care.


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There are 4 types.  Cyclothymia is the mildest marked by slightly elevated and/or depressed mood.  I have type 1 which is the most severe.  I am essentially unemployable.  I collect disability compensation from the VA.  It helps pay my bills.  My wife is employed though.  So that really helps as well.  She has good, stable employment.  As far as medication goes, I take it as directed.  I don't do anything that could lessen its effectiveness.  I have maintained stability for quite some time.  The medicine that caused the nerve damage is called Geodon.  I no longer take it.  But alas, the damage is done.  I don't know if it's going to progress further.  

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Don, I also have a diagnosis of autonomic Neuropathy it is not med induced however. After 5 years my neuro is still unsure weather mine is progressive. This year it looks like it may be but I have to many other things going on to say for sure. I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of this! Hang in there, it can take a really long time to figure these things out, and sometimes it seems like you do and then something else pops up. You are not alone and you are in my prayers.

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