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Trouble breathing?

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with NCS a while ago after I was fainting quite often actually. But lately, I have trouble breathing while sleeping and I have to put several pillows under my head to sleep better. I can't get more than few hours of sleep. The Doctor said, it could be orthopnea, but he would like to check it a second time....  Did anybody else had the same problem? Is this connected too with NCS or is it something else? Thanks!

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I often wake up gasping for breath during the night. I did it this morning after 4 a.m. It can be pretty scary. I opened a window and drank some water and it took me a while to get back to sleep again. I have EDS, POTS and possibly Mast cell issues. 

I was at one stage stopping breathing whilst asleep and was checked out for sleep apnea. It did settle down after a while thankfully. 

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I agree with Sarah,

  So sorry you are going through this. There may be a sleep apnea or other obstructive apnea going on. I recently received the diagnosis and am trying to get used to my new best friend-my CPAP machine



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