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Update on my journey

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I got some interesting and exciting news today. Last week my cardiologist decided I should see an Electrophysiologist considering my heart rate problems that he can't control with the meds he has tried. He is a good cardiologist but seems to know very little about my condition. I was supposed to see a local EP but he told my cardiologist that I need to see a doc out in Bowling Green. It will be a long trip but she is the only POTS specialist I have been able to find on the internet in KY. I am excited that the EP recommended her. She is supposed to be amazing. I am super excited for the chance to see a doctor that specilizes in POTS even if it hours away from where I live.

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So happy for you that you'll get to see a POTS specialist. My POTS specialist is also further away, about three hours with no traffic-- he's totally worth the distance though! He sends office notes to my local doctors including medication suggestions and I follow up with him about every six months. Good luck at your appointment!

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