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Flairs of Dyautonomia


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After battling reactived EBV. The virus is out of my system. However, now I have symptoms of Dysautonomia. I have seen a cardiologist and they didn't see anything of concerned and did the "you're just stressed" which I guess is good. But I still feel awlful. My blood feels like it's beating so hard but my pulse is normal. When I stand up my HR rate is 100. I get a little light headed and tired but I can't sleep.

this has been going on after not sleeping well for 8 months. I started talking calcium before bed and that's helping, I am also doing acupuncture which I know touches the nerve system. 

I have only been sleeping well for a week. I'm feeling slightly better but not a whole lot. Will this get better in time? I can't work and I really hate it. 

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I get ebbs and flows. I've had ebv, pregnancies and surgeries. Still searching for answers. Best I can come up with is eds3, mast cell and perfect storm...vaccine, surgery, stress, food reaction, hormones and virus in a short amount of time. 

Ive found winter months are worse and dead of summer of course.

if you've seen a cardiologist and are cleared, find a fam practice doc that has interest in you and your condition. I've found they think more outside the box. D.O docs I've had luck with.

all the best.

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