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Compression Clothing

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Since I have been told to wear compression clothes I finally started wearing them....And WOW !!!  What a difference for me!! I wear long sleeve top and long leg bottoms on bad days. On better days or very hot days I wear capri bottoms and short sleeve or tank tops. I was able to garden this spring for the first time in 10 years! Basically I can move around standing, kneeling and squatting to garden for about 2 hours which allows me to do alot. Then I rest for a few hours and can get another 2 hour session in. And I can do some shopping now-as long as it isn't more than an hour or so of standing. And I feel better too. That along with sudafed and I can feel more normal for a few hours each day! Really great for me. Even when I am indoors doing chores I will wear compression clothes, and on bad days I at least knee highs and recline alot

Hope this is helpful to others


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Great news, Debbie! I'm glad you've found a combo that works so well for you.  Have you thought of trying out an abdominal binder also? I have a friend with POTS who uses her binder in the morning when her symptoms are at her worst and switches to compression stockings by early afternoon.

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