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My Mayo Appt. Update


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Just an update:  I went to Mayo on Friday.  It was a pretty productive appointment.  Go figure, the neurologist did not write me off as just another anxiety case.  He actually listened to me and noted my entire complex medical history.  He referred me for autonomic testing.  My TTT was normal, however, it was discovered on my Qsart that I do not sweat.  This explains my heat Intolerance.  He confirmed with my list of other symptoms what my referring neurologist already thought, that I have a mild autonomic neuropathy.  He noted that it was not autonomic failure.  I also have breathing issues so I am having a chest CT tomorrow and I see urology for my (lack of) continence issues on Tuesday.  I follow up with the Mayo neurologist at the end of the month for treatment plan.  

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Guest KiminOrlando

Hi Don. I have been wondering how your appointment went. Glad he could help you out and hope you get more answers with further testing.


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Hey Kim.  Thanks.  I am looking forward to meeting with the Mayo urologist on Tuesday.  I don't know if he'll be able offer me something I haven't tried.  But, maybe.    I'm hoping he can help me tie my bladder and digestive issues together and say they are related to the same condition.  I think my continence issues are related.  My gastro doc and previous uro doc(s) say they are.  But it hasn't been good enough as far as my disability case goes from the VA.  I'm hoping one of the leading research hospitals in the world carries more weight!  Any help with my case is always good!  

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