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I was diagnosed just two weeks ago during an acute exacerbation. I am not back to work yet. Started having a hot flush two days ago when I was trying to rest in my recliner in a sitting position (still on medodrine) in the afternoon.  The next day it happened a couple of times in the afternoon. Then the day after that it happens about three to four times, once in the morning and the rest in the afternoon and evening. My salt intake is 7-10grams a day with 4L of fluid. I log it every day. I just didn't know if this was a POTS thing or if it was something related to medication I should worry about. I took a Zyrtec. Waiting on results for my MCAD I think it was called. Of course my dr is out of town. No other symptoms. Nothing new as far as foods go or lotions. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist in July (soonest they could squeeze me in). Anyone else have this? Should it be a big deal or can I just forget it and move on? It seems to focus on my chest and torso area. Neck gets flushed but no bumps. 

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