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Dr. just put me on melatonin as a sleep aid. Has anyone ever been on this?? The label says do not take if you have an autoimmune difficency. I'm wondering why he put me on this since I do have an autoimm dif??

any suggestions



Ps It's a beautiful day out here and hopefully not so hot today. I hope you all can enjoy a bit of the outside for the holiday weekend. Happy 4th


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Autoimmune deficiency is not the same as an autonomic dysfunction. Are you certain you have an autoimmune disorder?

I ask this because somehow, surprisingly enough I have horrible autonomic dysfunction and I do have Hashimotos thyroid( which is autoimmune but all by itself is not considered autoimmune disease) but my immune system is great.

I have no trouble with taking melatonin although it doesn't seem to do anything for me.

You may want to call your Dr and double check if it is okay for you to take it.

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