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How to detect hypovolemia?

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Is it possible to see signs of hypovolemia in regular blood tests? My hubby has high hemoglobin and normal ferritin and such, but these two values are outside the normal range:


B -HKR Hematocrit
   51.80% Range: 39.0-50.0%

E -MCHC Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration:
  297.00 (g/l) Range: 320-355

Doctors say these are ok values, if other red cell counts are normal, but I've been wondering if these are hints of low blood volume. I know it's impossible to tell, but I'm curious if you have had similar values and suspect hypovolemia?

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I think low hematacrit can be linked to hypovulemia. I  was severely anemic a few years ago but didn't know until I had the blood volume and hemodynamics test during the autonomic work up at Cleveland clinic

https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/blood-volume-testing I wonder if you have aaccess to this test where you are? Because I was taking in so much fluid my hemoglobin was showing higher than it actually was, as I was expanding my blood volume. My hemoglobin showed at ten, but when measured during the BV test it was 8, Ferratin was 7, and hematacrit was 29. I ended up with iron infusions

This is an older topic, however, it's very Informative and helpful: 



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Thank you

@SarahA33, I will try to find this test in my country! Till then I can only guess what's goin on, I've been collecting my husband's urine today for a bunch of 24-hour urine tests (catecholamines, aldosterone, natrium, potassium, cortisol and albumin, can't afford to test more), and for the first time I get to see exactly how much he pees! I make him drink about 3l fluids per day and it seems to all come out. I can't give him any more salt, because of his hypertension.

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