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Neck issues and associated problems?


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Hi everyone

I don't know if any of you have had similar symptoms. I have POTS, CFS, EDS III, slight scoliosis, IBS and MCAS

I was getting really bad migraines of late and they have eased since stopping eating fruit (it created bowel gas and head pains), and the Ivabradine (very low dose). At the same time I was having neck issues such as pain. Also my upper eyelids started to puff up and my eyes started to water. The neck cracks and is very sore and this affects my arms and causes nerve pain and weakness. My fingers feel very sore. My eyes look very strange, my vision is blurred and the puffiness and tears won't stop. I don't feel right at all, even my throat and neck front don't feel 'normal' and my IBS is worse.

 see my GP early next month to discuss this. If I see a neurologist they will fob me off as they usually do, but would a rheumatologist know? 

Any thoughts or ideas would help. 

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The only idea I have would be a good chiropractor. Have you tried an ENT? Or maybe an opthmologist (not optometrist)? I am not sure a rhematologist could help, but then again maybe they have seen your symptoms before and they might know what it is. I think rhematologists see a lot more because of what they deal with.

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Hello, I actually have several thoughts on this. But first, Wish you were feeling better. I have been told that watery eyes and neck pain can come from migraine. In other words migraines causing neck pain and not the other way around like we usually hear. I also have MCAD and I suspect a connective tissue disorder although have not been diagnosed with EDS. When I have the eye issues that you speak of, sleeping with my head more elevated seems to help. Sometimes putting an ice pack under my chin on those glands helps me. A low dose of magnesium before bed has helped a bit too. It is a terrible feeling when you don't feel right at all. It is good that stopping fruit has had a positive effect on your head pain. Do you take anything for your mast cell issues? For me it seems that most medications tend to make me feel worse. Let me know if You have any questions about anything I mentioned. I will probably think of something else later...I am a bit worn out this evening.

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