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99% happy days 1% bad days

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I've been diagnosed with POTS since 2005, which was better diagnosed as AAG in 2011.

I am lucky. I have an extremely supportive wife, a job that I can do leaningback with feet up, etc.

I have learned to live with the difficulties just like most of you.

Yesterday, my wife drove us an hour to a planetarium show. My symptoms decided to flare up just as we got there.

As I said, I have an amazing wife. But I don't think I've been this blue about my condition in years. Amazing how I can work through day after day of limitations, and it's something absolutely trivial that gets me down. 




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I know what you mean. For the last year or so, I've been managing POTS pretty well with a bad flare once every couple of months. Last week, my symptoms flared up while I was performing at a concert (something I'd practiced for for months) I had to run off stage before I fainted. The things we do every day to accommodate our limitations become just a part of life and, in a way, we can forget that we're sick at all. It's the bad days, the little unexpected things, that remind us of what we've lost, that we are sick.

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