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Heart Rates!!?!! Curious! + Episodes when Waking


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Hi everyone! Still learning my way around this forum but I have some questions I would love some feedback on :)

My heart rate seems to be my biggest POT's problem. I have been hospitalized several times for this simply because.... it just won't go down!! When I have episodes, my heart rate will immediately jump from 80/90 bpm (my resting) to 160-180 bpm. This is extremely uncomfortable as I can feel my chest pounding and almost lose my breath and it can last for several hours. I try vagal maneuvers, guzzling down fluids + salt, ice packs, and several other techniques but between the pots & panic at that point it will not slow down. I struggle with this fast tachycardia about every single day of my life and I don't know how much longer I can deal with this feeling.

I am just curious if others have terrible almost constant tachycardia and WHAT numbers do you guys look at for your heart rate? 160-180 bpm is frightening but after visits with my electrophysiologist I guess it doesn't seem to be a problem as it is just sinus tach. It is just very concerning because it is so fast and I try to cope with it everyday. I worry so much about damage of my heart. I hope many people can relate!!!



Do you guys experience pots episodes when waking up? This seems to be terrible for me. I sleep propped up (most of the time) but even then it still happens. The SECOND I open my eyes from sleeping and slowly work my way to a sitting position my heart rate just increases and increases. Every time I wake up in the morning I am accompanied with tachycardia of around 160/170. It is so frustrating and it can last up to two hours after getting up. It is just so hard to wake up!! Worst feeling ever

Thank you guys SO much for your feedback!! 

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I have permanent tachycardia, even when lying down relaxing. It never stays steady for long and is always in the 88-113 bpm when resting and rising to 158 when exerting myself. When I sit quietly it is around 99 bpm and often misses beats and jerks back into action. I have lived with tachycardia for around 30 years and it got worse when the POTS symptoms worsened ten years ago. If it pounds too much, I settle down or lie down, or drink water etc. The cardiologists haven't been that concerned as although the sinus beat is fast, it isn't irregular. I think I have got used to it although it does wear me out at times. 

What meds are you on to help lower it? I was on Ivabradine and it helped bring my heart rate down, but I stopped it because of the intolerance I have to most medications. The Propranolol also lowered it. 

I hope you get some relief. I am going to be test for Mast Cell Activation as I am so intolerant to drugs and foods. 


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I often find that my symptoms are worst in the mornings, especially when I first get up from bed. I'll feel my heart start pounding, it feels like my body can't regulate its temperature, and it can lead to nausea. Can't wait to go see my doctor and get a referral to get a proper tilt table test done. For me I feel like I start feeling a lot worse when my heart rate is above 130 or so, if I'm at 150-160 I usually feel like I'm going to either pass out or throw up.

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Hi. My worst times are sudden wakening with fast heart, nausea, dizziness and sweating. On being upright, I feel unwell, with rapid heart and nausea. I have nausea all morning and it generally eases mid afternoon. My body basically doesn't like me being upright. Yes, get tested and see how you go. Good luck with that! 

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