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Steroids and POTS?


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I've gotten ultrasounds of my heart, and the doctor said everything was normal with it. I also got a blood test a little bit ago that was checking to see if my heart was healthy and everything was normal as well. The only symptoms I really experience are a heart rate increase from 70ish BPM to 130ish BPM when standing up. It drops to 116 after 15-30 seconds if I'm standing still. If I move around it goes in the 120's. Sitting/lying back down drops it down to the 80's and 90's, then it takes a bit for it to go down to the 70's and 80's. I also get lightheaded and sometimes a bit dizzy.  My heart rate also increases after eating, usually somewhere between 90-110. My blood also pools in my feet when I'm standing and my hands when they're at my sides, and it makes my veins swell and my hands/feet red. 

Im able to workout/run without passing out or any other bad things happening to me, but my heart is always beating out of my chest really fast. I'm also not taking any medication.

So, does anyone with POTS have experience with taking steroids? Because I'm thinking of doing cardio until my POTS is cured and then doing steroids, but I kinda want to start now.

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