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Medications and Throat Pain?


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I've been on Duloxetine 30mg (beta blocker) and Fludrocortisone .1mg for about a month. I've also noticed that I've been experiencing throat pain/difficulty swallowing/breathing issues for about the same amount of time. It feels like my throat is a size too small and it feels like I'm coming down with something (sore throat feeling). There's a little amount of phlegm every now and then that I cough up, but nothing major. It feels like my Adam's apple area is being pinched. 

According to my oximeter, I'm getting enough air, so I don't think that my throat is swollen even if it feels like it. I was wondering if this was another POTS symptom or if it could be caused by my medications. Has anyone experienced the same thing?

I can't get into my doctor until the end of next week, so I thought maybe I could find some answers/guidance here in the meantime.

Thanks :)

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Some beta blockers can cause breathing problems . I've had side effects from beta blockers where it felt like I had asthma and I have never has asthma in my life . I have also started having breathing problems lately and I'm not on any meds currently.  Not sure if it's from pots or deconditioning or what . I know how you feel ....

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