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Anyone have any thoughts?

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 So I have dysautonomia  (POTS) AND HYPERSOMNIA as my two major diagnosis. I had a power port plaed in January and do saline infusions 3x a week. (They are pretty positive I have low blood volume). My concern is it doesn't seem to help as much now and the day after an infusion my urine can be really dark. My meds don't cause dark Urine and I drink one diet soda a day, everything else is water. My ALT was high on my lab work as well.   Anyone have any thoughts or deal with anything similar?  


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Guest KiminOrlando

My ALT is higher than normal. Once because of a med I was taking for an autoimmune disease (imuran). They called it Imuran toxicity. I went off the med and it gradually came down.

It is slightly high now, but they say that I have autoimmune hepatitis. It isn't contagious, not from a virus or drinking. It can also be caused if your body stores fat around your liver- even if you are skinny. They call that steatohepatitis or fatty liver. 

Of course, it could be something else, so you might want to see a gastroenterologist. Mine ran some more tests, one called Fibrosure, did an ultrasound and ultimately did a liver biopsy.

With all of the meds we are on, it pays to keep tabs on your liver. I hope this helps a little. 


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