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Has anyone had any experience flying while having this condition?  I used to fly quite a bit when my condition was milder and I wasn't diagnosed.  Now that it's more severe, I am not sure how I would handle flying.  I've read that it isn't good for people with POTS.  

Do you have any experience flying and how did you handle it?  Was it a huge stressor on your body and/or did it take you awhile to recover?  

Do you think the length of the flight matters?  My husband would like for me to accompany him on a business trip, but the flight is almost 6 hours.  I am just not sure!

Thanks for any input.

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I fly about once a year. No problems on the plane.  Lift off and landing are not an issue. Even bumpy flights have been fine for me.  Much better than riding in a car.  Feel fine when I get off the plane. 

If the security line is long, standing in it could be problematic for you if standing is something that normally bothers you.  

I buy bottles of Diet Pepsi and water as soon as I get through security so I have plenty of caffeine to constrict my veins and liquid. I also bring a lot of salty snacks with me. I get an isle seat and use the rest room often to stretch my legs. (I do that even when I am not flying).  




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I find flying makes my POTS symptoms worse. What helps a lot is to increase my meds (Mestinon in particular) for the flight and for the day or two afterward, and I make sure I am well hydrated throughout the flight. I also rest after the flight if I can, maybe just a take a walk to get the circulation going. 

I'm not sure 100% if flight time makes much difference or not, but I think intuitively it would. The longest flight I have done since I got POTS was six hours and I managed that ok, but on some shorter flights I have felt quite ill after the flight.

Good luck!

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Just now, angelloz said:

I am always nervous, but seem to do fine.  As mentioned by Jan...the lines and standing can be the worst problem for me. I too bring snacks and am very hydrated beforehand.

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My doctor was kind enough to give me handicap status and I use a cane for balance and dizziness. Answering the question on the application about the cane placed me in a "special short line" and first on the plane status which really saved me. I did fine on the flight-about 4 hours but since I was going to my nieces wedding I was excited. But I came a day early and gave myself lots of times to rest and I did fine. Good luck !! and enjoy!


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