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Tilt Test-Beth Israel Boston?

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I'm new to this site. I just took a tilt table test a month ago at Beth Israel Boston and it was absolutely NOTHING to worry about. The people were really nice there and told me exactly what was happening. First they brought me into this small room and had me to weird breathing patterns while I was hooked up to a machine. Then I went into the room with the tilt table and did more breathing stuff while hooked up. After that they tilted the table up so it was almost like you were standing and leaning back, but strapped to a table. Very strange, but kinda funny. They just chat with you while you are standing and they try to keep you there for 45 min. It's kinda boring actually. And they check your blood pressure the whole time. I made it for 1/2 hour then I started to pass out. Then they let me lay back down and I was fine. But I just found out that I passed the test, so my blood pressures are fine. Don't know why I started fainting though. Doctor's still don't really know either. Still figuring it out.

With me there was nothing invasive...no IV... no medicine.... just those sticky electrodes to measure your heart rate, etc.

I'm not sure if you'll have the same experience, but don't worry about it. I was worried before too and it turned out to be fine.

Good luck!


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I can't speak to the Tilt Test specifically at Beth Israel but just wanted to say hello, welcome & good luck...to both of you! For me tilt tests are always icky but only b/c of how they make me feel...not anything having to do with the test itself, if that makes sense; in other words there are other things (i.e. standing) that make me feel similarly. I've had the tests with & without varying degrees of external "stuff" (monitors, IVs, etc) so that varies a lot by location, doctor, purpose of the test, etc....

Regardless, though, I have heard good things about Dr. Freeman & am sure you'll be fine. You may be extra-tired afterward so I wouldn't plan to host a big party or anything, but otherwise it will be fine & the folks there should explain things to you...if they're not doing so to your liking just ask until you're satisfied!

Anyway, welcome again to both of you...

Jeanne - when is your tilt? let us know how it goes!

Deb - do you know what your heart rate did on the test? that can have something to do with your feeling rotten too...

Looking forward to getting to know you both,

:-)melissa aka sunfish

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I can remember how nervous I was for my tilt test. Sunfish already gave you good advice so I won't repeat all of that.

For me, the test wiped me out and the first time I had the test I passed out, the other two times I did not pass out but had extreme fluctuations in heart rate and felt horrible during the test but once they laid me back down and allowed me to rest I felt better. I was definately very tired and wiped out after the test and I wasn't allowed to drive home after but I just went home and slept and I was fine.

Good luck, welcome and keep us posted on what happens!

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Hello, The Tilt Table Test was the last test I did before They said I had Pots. Actually I was thinking how stupid I felt standing there and then I got Very Ill and Passed Out. I lasted a whole 4 Min. They asked me How do you even Drive. So That is how they figured out I have Pots. It was worth it.

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