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Circadian Rhythm Disorder


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this was actually sent to me as part of a weekly digest from emedicine that i recieve & it particularly caught my attention. and it's parhaps appropriate that i'm posting it just before 2am? eeks.

the link is:


when i was having my major sleep issues post GB surgery (nights on end with NO sleep) and brought it up with dr. khurana he mentioned that a few years ago he sent several of his patients to a sleep specialist out-of-state who was interested in autonomic disorders & the related sleep issues. each person ended up having a diagnosable sleep disorder but it was a different disorder for each person. one of them had the above-referenced "Circadian Rhythm Disorder"...i'd never heard of it prior to that. anyway, i find it interesting. while my sleep (or lack there of) is no where nearly as bad as right after my surgery, it's definitely on the funky side. it's not my biggest issue as i get enough for the most part, but it does intrigue me...

has anyone else heard of this particular disorder?

off to sleep now...hopefully...


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