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neck adjustment and chiari?


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i noticed that when i stretch my neck and do a roll and get it adjusted, can hear all the cracks, and feel like it is aligned, that my tachardia is less , but sometimes when i do the roll and it doesnt crack, then i feel worse, i dont do these rolls often, since moving the head like that triggers symptoms, but was wondering if this could be related to a chiari problem? but from what i read about chiari i dont have many of the symptoms like hearing loss or trouble swallowing, but was wondering why it feels better to crack my neck and if it relates to the palpitations, thanks for any input,


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Just wanted to say that you should watch it with the chiari diagnosis. MRI's thet show herniated cerebellar tonsils can be normal the next day. They move.

One of the reasons your neck may be so sensitive is because if you have an autonomic nervous system disorder all your nerves enter and exit from the base of your skull/top of your spine.

Make sure your chiro knows what you have and understands it.



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radha -

by no means can any of us diagnose (which i know you know), but i would tend to lean toward your neck "cracking" not being related to chiari as many folks - unrelated to dysautonomia - "feel better" after cracking their neck. i am NOT AT ALL saying this is a good thing to be doing, but don't want you to be worrying unnecessarily. before i had my neck injury(due to a fall) & subsequent surgery (cervical fusion) i often, almost instinctually would "crack" my neck with little effort & it generally made it feel better. i never had nor currently have any inkling of chiari. so while of course you'd need to have things checked out by a doc, i wouldn't think the specific symptoms you describe would be chiari-indicative. like someone else said, a lot "goes through" your neck nerve-wise so that can explain the change in symptoms, as well as the fact that moving your head/neck can alter blood flow momentarily to your head. please do be careful though!

B) melissa

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I obviously don't know what's going on with you and your body so I can't speak definitively.

I know for myself that moving my head especially to the left causes more symptoms. I was told by a couple of Dr's it probably was due to the fact that the vagus nerve runs along the left side of the neck and I was probably stimulating and/or aggravating it.

Maybe that's why you get some symptoms as well????

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