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Autoimmune/Fibro Dr.


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Hi everyone,

We've been waiting for months to see this Dr. and our appt. is finally tomorrow. She's a rheumatology, allergy, autoimmune, fibromyalsia and lupus specialist. After all this waiting I'm not sure exactly what questions we should be asking. She has all of Chrissy's records from all her other Drs., (pediatrician,cardiologist, allergist, neurologist, CAT scan's MRI, blood tests, etc.) I'm assuming she'll be doing some type of autoimmune testing. Has anyone seen such a Dr.? Any ideas? Chrissy's POTS has been acting up quite a bit lately. Cleveland weather hasn't helped any--so far it's been a really terrible summer for her. I feel at such a loss sometimes when speaking with new Dr.'s I don't know what to expect. We've been disappointed so many times, as you all have. We're also seeing Beverly and Dr. Grubb this week--YEA!! Thanks for any info you might have.

Patti and Chrissy

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