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severe muscle spasm, tension H/A


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So I really need help...I have EDS and POTS and in February I dislocated both of my shoulders. My shoulders are back in its socket, but the muscles surrounding my shoulders and my neck are so severely tight that it is giving me bad headaches that eventually turn into migraines. I haven't slept hardly at all for the last week and a half so I am really sleep deprived which makes everything worse. I tried taking flexiril, but it makes my POTS so bad that I just faint if I am standing or sitting. I am getting pressure point massage at Physical therapy, but it is not helping. I really need some advice on what to do for this. If anyone can offer any thing I would really appreciate it.



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My husband has EDS also and recently has been having similar problems with neck and shoulders.

What sometimes works is:

hydrocodone for pain, no more than three a day or two days in a row due to constipation problems

muscle relaxants on dome days seems to help, SOMA has also helped but causes GI problems

Ben gay heat patches are very helpful to keep the muscles warm and less painful

It seems to take months for these muscle micro tears to heal.

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