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Forum Upgrade and a few new rules added!


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Hi everyone!

As I'm sure you all have noticed we've had a forum ugrade last week. I think the new forum looks really nice though it gave us quite a few struggles as well! Most of the problems are in control now, there is still some work left but do know that our volunteers are working really hard to get things fixed!

Other than that we have made a few additions to our rules (which can be find under Guidelines on top of the forum and in the pinned section in Dysautonomia Discussion). One of the most important new rules is the following:

Links to commercial websites or websites that otherwise contain advertisement are prohibited.

We are aware this is quite a change! Inserting links has been an easy way to help others find (important) information. As DINET doesn't allow solicitation it's been difficult at times for us to decide what could stay and what not. For some years we decided that what would be helpful to most members could stay, ie links to sites that sell compression stuff etc. Links to blogs that gave information on commonly used diets were okay too. Fact is that those websites/blogs contain lots of advertisement which can't be considered to be "useful information" for our members. So together with the Board we decided it best to be consistent and came up with this new rule. Of course you are allowed to mention which brand you use re compression garments, supplements etc (as in: "I use x" or "For me y works best") etc!

There are a few more new rules that we needed to add/change. You can read them here: 

We really hope you'll understand that the rules aren't made to nag; they are necessary to keep DINET a safe place for everyone to enjoy. Where other forums have burned down, I'm very proud our forums are still up and running and helpful to everyone who is in need of help, a listening ear, understanding and words of encouragement!

Happy reading (if you have any questions please let us know!) and hope you'll enjoy our new forum lay-out!


On behalf of our moderator's and admin's team


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