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Sudden increase/change in symptoms

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It's been awhile since I've posted in here.  I have been stable for awhile now.  I have taken a turn for the worse though.  My POTS is caused by mitochondrial disease so it's hard sometimes to differentiate between pots symptoms and mito symptoms.

About a month ago I started having these episodes about once a day lasting 4-5 hours. My symptoms start with tingling and discomfort over my entire abdomen. Soon after, I get really hot and start to sweat a lot. I lay in bed w/ cold sweats feeling weak, nauseous, shaky and completely drained for a few hours before I slowly start to feel better. This happened almost everyday. 


About a week ago my symptoms became nonstop. I've also noticed increased mottling in my extremities and my heart rate is up again. I've been to the ER twice now (because doctors are so clueless and/or I can't get an appt for weeks).  They've ruled out infection and a ct of my abdomen was negative. (No surprise there) 

Has anyone had a sudden increase in symptoms like this?  Any thoughts as to why this would be happening?  

I've been stable on midodrine and metoprolol for many years now.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on the matter.


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Hello fellow Kansan!  I live west of about 50 miles west of KC.  I have had sudden symptom increases several times and like you, wondered why when things had been stable for awhile. Recently, I had a CT scan of my abdomen due to some pretty severe pain. Nothing showed up except for some enlarged blood vessels which can be seen in pregnant women. Well, I am 57 and post menopausal so ??? Probably not that :). I can get very hot too but don't have sweating very often as I have some hypo hydro sis. I have sometimes thought that seasonal changes affect my symptoms. I have been thinking of going back to my cardio doctor just to see if there are any changes or recommendations but get tired of the appointments and trying to explain my symptoms. Hope you are doing better today. Wish I could help more.

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