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Drinking Continuously Feel Better?

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I'm feeling really light headed sat here, heart rate 53 and Bp 120/67 perfect right? woo. not feel rubbish lol.

But then I started drinking my water and I feel better while im swalloing continously, then I stop and put the glass back down and the light headedness comes back!

Something to do with vagus nerve maybe? Anyone have this? It would be great if I could contiunously drink water lmao!

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Reading this reminds me that I have had this experience in the past.  It is very strange!  It does seem it could be vagus nerve related.  Probably want to be careful about over-drinking water.  I supposed one would really have to overdo it but I do remember my EP telling me that since I have a tendency towards low potassium to begin with I should probably be careful about upsetting that balance further by over-drinking water. 

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50-60 is my normal resting HR, I checked a holter I had years ago when I felt fine and it was the same range as my latest holter so I don't think it's that causing issues and I went to a cardio who said it's just a number so who knows :(.


My Hr is 50 now, but I feel not too bad like earlier, my heart rate doesn't seem to correlate with symptoms usually.

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