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So I finally got lab results from an appointment last week. Had to call the lab myself since the doc hasn't called me back. The only thing that stood out to me was a note that said my dopamine level could not be reported because it was below normal range which is less than 10. This was a blood test sitting upright. Anytime I've been low in something previously, a result is available with a flag of low. This is confusing me because that's not the case.

I emailed the Dr but I don't expect to hear back. I'm a worrier so does anyone know what this means or what piece of the puzzle this might be?



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Hi Robin, When all of my symptoms began, 8 years ago my dopamine was not detectable also. Twice. Then, it once was 29, and now it's normal. So, I don't know! I've always wondered about that though. What did your doctor say? Mine were more concerned with my elevated norepinephrine which is also measured in that test. It's a catecholamine test. If you would like some info on this, just let me know. I think there may be low dopamine symptoms (weakness, confusion, intense shaking), but I wasn't displaying any of them. Take care, Sarah

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