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Stopped meds and have blown up--

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Hi, everyone.

I haven't been here in awhile. I have a question I need to ask.

A few weeks ago, I stopped taking my Zoloft completely (had been on it for around 6 or 7 years). I didn't do it all at once; my doctor had me ween off slowly, but that was hard enough. I feel mentally clearer than I have in years!

I also was on Florinef for about a month, the went off of that two weeks ago. I had gained too much weight too quickly (12 pounds in three weeks).

Once I got off of the Florinef, I lost a bit of weight, but now I've gained it all back again. It seems all I want to do is eat. I know Florinef is a steroid, so I'm not surprised, but when will the Florinef be totally out of my system, and when will the side-effects of it be gone? I'm heavier than I have been in years, and it's a bit uncomfortable. I've started my treadmill again, and weights. I know everyone is different, but a guesstimation will be very much appreciated.

Thanks, all.


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Florineff blew me up like a balloon! 16 pounds in 4 days. I took myself off of it. Zoloft, however, has a side effect of supressing the appetite so being hungry and having a weight gain is not unheard of. This side effect doesn't happen with everyone - wish it did - I'd try it myself! I have no idea how long it will last. It seems to me like it takes about 6 weeks for it to get into your system at a therapeutic level so it might take that long or longer to get out.

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