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Exercise And Confused A Little Guidance Please


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If my heart rate were confused enough, my mind is right there with it....my Dr has said for now no exercise...that word means so many different things to different people and where they are at in the spectrum of health, symptoms, and mobility...

I miss my 5 mile walks week days and 8 Mike hikes weekends....I am lucky to do 10 minutes...and that is all over the place...I NEED to do something, but on those days that no matter what I do the HR is high or jumping like a frog....should I try to do anything ? Like just stretch on the floor? Should I just take rest? I know each persons body works different but would like feedback and try anything suggested...

My mental health would feel better with yes try to do...or maybe just breath thru the bad days and don't...

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I think that is probably best addressed by the Dr who told you not to exercise.

My Dr told me not to be exercising at one point but he was ok with me doing stretches and using a theraband laying down.

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